Saturday, December 17, 2011

My four loads last night. Going for five tonight!

First guy was from out of town. He was looking for a clean ass to fuck raw because his dick was sensitive from playing with it all day. He ate out my man cunt before opening it up with thick cock. It wasn’t until I was having his baby until I realized this guy was all muscles. (I fingered my ass hole all the way back home smelling his cum load)

Second guy was a young kid, not sure if it was his first time fucking a dude but he did leave a sweet juicy load. I can’t tell you anything about him because he insisted on wearing a hooded sweatshirt. But he was shorter than me and fairly hairless because I could feel his smooth tight ass when I did a reach around to hold his cock inside me when I knew he was coming.

Third guy was just so fucking huge. “get on your back” SLAM, “get on your knees” SLAM “slide over” SLAM “turn over” SLAM. What a greedy ruthless fucker! He made some noise that made it sound like he was cumming, but maybe he was so greedy and rough, maybe his cock sucked the load back in? Anyway, he opened me up for the forth fuck…

The last guy; It was ONE email from him “where are you? I want you blindfolded and ready”. ONE email from me, “here I am and I am ready”. He came. Stuck his cock in my hole. By the time he was balls deep, the cum was running down my leg. I don’t know if he pissed or was one of the largest cummers I’ve ever met, but it was the quickest pump and dump I’ve ever had. Was he black? White? Latino? Cut/Uncut? I’ll probably never know…

What will tonights five loads have in store for me? Seriously looking now!

Thursday, January 6, 2011

The big black cowboy fucked me GOOD

I don’t know how many dozens of loads I’ve taken since my last post, but this one from this past weekend made me think of my blog and WOW how I don’t want to forget this one! Better write it down and save the photos.

I posted an ad on CL for a breeder or seeders – just use my ass anonymously or as you see fit.

Got a reply from a traveler in town from Brooklyn. Not much in the lines of description or what he is into, and he didn’t follow my instructions about sending stats, location and timeframe, etc…

But he stated 9 inches, so assuming the best, I figured I be getting 7 inches if he in fact didn’t turn out to some quazi bottom hoping to get fucked himself.

Blah blah blah, a couple emails, texts later, I had arrived at his location and was greeted by a big black cowboy looking mother fucker. And a HOT one at that. (honestly I almost turned around because I thought he might be either be an imposter or luring in some trouble!

I went in anyway. We ended up in this partially empty room with just a TV, a couch, and a laptop. In about 20 seconds, his sweatpants hit the floor and there was a bulging soft cock behind some superman underwear.

My pants hit the floor.

His shirt was soon tossed across the room.

My mouth got on his dick quickly and I have to admit, as it grew, I grew increasingly nervous that he was actually going to try to fuck me with this thing, as I had promised, and he had agreed to deliver.

After double-fisting his cock while trying to swallow his cock, he hinted to come up for air by grabbing my thin frame with a very subtle pull upward. Of course, I took that hint and moved closer – face to face.

To my surprise, he also initiated a kiss.

I took my hand to my mouth, gave it a puddle of my own spit, did a reach around and started to lube up his cock, which was obviously 9 inches, if not more…

I tilted the head toward my hole and he let me guide the tip of his cock right to the entrance of my quivering hole.

It took about 30 seconds, maybe 2 minutes, I am completely unclear, to work the head of that monster into my hole. I do remember him going slightly soft for a very short instance. That may have been the only save-grace to get that beast inside me at that time.

And then snap! His cock went right back to full force raging hardon! No turning back now, he was inside, I was on top of him rocking up and down.

One position that resonated with me was the position where my legs were parallel to his sides, me on top, his cock in my ass, my face buried between his neck and shoulders and my arms held tightly under his arms. It was as if I had completely swallowed him from within a fetus position.

I can also remember sliding up and down from the tip of cock down to his balls – only my ass was moving, the rest stayed still for fear of being speared and gutted with this dick.

Not only did it NOT hurt, but my raging hardon could not hold more that 10 minutes. I blew a load between the two of us. I was hoping that he wouldn’t notice and I prayed that no matter what happened, my ass would not quit on me now.

As it would have it, he knew I came. He took his massive hands and cupped my butt and started to spear and gut me from this fetal position. I was almost as if his cock grew even more and then it hit me. I could feel cum dripping out of my ass. BINGO!

I told him that I liked that he was as quiet a cummer as I was. If anyone was in the room with us, they wouldn’t have known we both came unless they were looking for loads of cum running down his six-pak or down his balls.

And that was only the first of three loads he gave me.

I asked him “how many bottoms do you have to go through until you find one that can take that entire cock of yours?”

He laughed and replied “a few”.

A 5-10 minute rest, he asked me to get on my side. He tried to spear me again, but my hole opened up so quickly, that all he got was a wet gaping hole to spew a second load into – also quietly…

Another 5-10 rest, he lifted my legs and inserted that beast again. This time, I wanted something different. I wanted to feel that beast inside me. I have this thing I like to with my butt muscles that I squeeze and tense it up from the deep inside to the puckering hole – kind of like an exercise. But it feels good to ME while I’m getting fucked.

I was once told by another monster cock (not this big though) that it didn’t feel good to the top. He wanted a loose wet gapping mangina – and I only once in a while enjoy that – it’s kinda like being a lazy bottom to me.

I like to work for the load – get my ass moving and squeeze that cock and work that load out. To my surprise, this mother fucker seemed to like it better!

He started to make a little noise too. And he started pumping and humping my ass. Holy shit I thought – we are about rock each others world and work a huge load for each of us!

He nutted big time and I felt this load more than the first two. I was spent, but if wanted to fuck me a fourth time, I would have easily given my ass to him. To me, as a bottom, it is NOT weather or not I am satisfied, I must keep fucking till the top is spent – that is, as long as my hole is not bleeding and still “clean” – which this was the case – my ass had taken the shape of his cock and there was NO mess anywhere!

During one of the intervals, (I can’t remember which one because they were all so hot), his “friend” came in the room – it might have been during our second break, where his cock was still in my ass and we were just laying there “napping”.

Mr. Big Black Cowboy got up and left me there naked and deprived of cock for about 2-3 minutes. I did a reach around and fingered my hole and scooped out some of his load. I took it my nose to sniff for cleansliness – yup, smelled like cum and cum only and then dished it into my mouth, savoring the load in my mouth until he re-entered the room. I quickly swallowed as if nothing happened.

We chatted a bit longer, got dressed and went our separate ways. He said he wanted my ass another night while he was in town – but I was confused because he said he was leaving the next day.

What ever, I’m saving his number and email and will keep in contact with him – lets see if he really is from out of town or just a local trying to pull a fast one.

I gotta tell ya though, THE BEST FUCK on 2010, even though it happened in 2011. I hope to duplicate this fuck another time this year!

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

NO. 2 Showed up early!

Big Black Dick and HOT FACE! I can't tell you the last time I stared into the eyes of such a hot guy.

He wasn't supposed to be here till midnight. He said he sent me an email, but I didn't get it. He said he couldn't wait to breed me. He showed up, fed me his 9 inch cock and kept asking me, "so you want to make some beautiful black babies?"

"Fuck yeah!"

He was on a lunch break. He works the late night shift, so 9:30 was lunch for him.

It was the best lunch I ever ate. I'm sitting here with my finger up my ass slurping his cum. It tastes as good as he looked.

Now, the problem. Guy number 1 emailed me saying he was on his way soom. The BBC that just breeded me said he was cuming back for more of my mangina. No. 1 wrote "as long as I'm the only one, I'm going to breed you good".

I can't wait to see what happens. Either he's going to know I have a huge load in my ass, or No. 2 and No. 1 are going to show up at the same time. SHIT. I just want BOTH the loads again and again...

I think I'll take my chances and lets see what happens. Stay tuned! I'll be back! could I get two cocks? or will I ruin my chances? Fuck I'm so horny...

I've been hiding for a bit...

Tonight I have three dudes scheduled to stop by 11 PM, Midnight, and 1 AM all to leave a load a cum in my ass.

As we all know, the ratio of actual dudes that show and the fakes is not in our favor. I can not wait to let you all know it turns out.

I'm going to prep now, take a nap, and prep again tonight. I'll probably post another ad or two just in case these guys don't show up.

Here's the run down...
No. 1 > claims to be straight and wants to breed a sleeping man cunt with no strings. He's 40, white, 6ft+ about 175 and claims to be 7+.

No. 2 > He's 24, 6ft 3in, 188 black dude with 9 inches of meet (he sent a pic - HOT COCK!) I hope he shows for sure!

No. 3 > Latino, 36, 5ft 11in, 190 8 uncut and thick. Thats what he says. I love uncut cock, but I bet he turns out to be "chubby" with a small uncut cock. I have no idea. One thing for sure, I hope he ends up adding some cum to a very cum filled ass.

I'll let you know!

Saturday, February 6, 2010

Interesting / Unexpected day (warning long story)

I received an email from a young kid that fucked me several months ago. It was short and brief.

“hey, can I stop over?”

I looked back at my emails and found our original correspondence. I remember how he said he never came in guy’s ass before and how he really wanted to try it. Of course back then (2-3 months ago), I jumped on that chance. He was in his early 20’s. His pics weren’t much to look at, but he said he had a nice cock.

It wasn’t huge, it wasn’t rough, it wasn’t trimmed and he obviously didn’t follow the metrosexual trend of clipping and trimming either, but it was full of cum.

I told him to come on over and there was no response. About 1 hour later, there was a knock at the door. The fucker didn’t confirm anything, he just showed up (I hate that, he's lucky I cleaned out earlier that day otherwise I wouldn't have let him fuck me).

In 5 minutes his pants were on the floor and shirt on the bed and he was getting hard. I sucked him for a couple minutes and he started breathing heavy. NOW I REMEMBER why I didn’t care for this guy – bad breath! I had all I could do to ignore his heavy breathing. I decided that I would turn around and present my hole to him.

Of course he jumped right in there, pounded as good as he could. I’m a little more experienced than he, so the pounding wasn’t up to MY par, but he got in there deep and slapped my ass with his balls and of course ended up burying his seed inside me.

He left as fast as he came… whatever…

While I was getting fucked, I’ll be damned if I didn’t get another email. It was a response to older craigslist ad I posted (which hadn't expired yet).

“Hey, you still looking for a mouthful of piss?”

Here’s were I was bad. I recognized this email address immediately. I thought I turned him off with my description of getting fucked and drinking piss over a year ago. He never responded after our first set of emails. The pic he sent last year was very nice and his stats were certainly encouraging!

SURE! I’ll go for it. So I forwarded his CL response to my other email account. And responded to him with an email address he never would recognize.

“Yes, still looking”
“I’ll piss all over you”
“No thanks, I just want to drink it”
“OK, sure, I’m game. Send face pic and let’s seal the deal”

I pretended I didn’t know who he was, demanded his stats, location, etc… I never asked him to send a pic and he never offered, (I still had his pic from over a year ago with our last conversation from the “other email”).

He was here about an hour later. Small talk on the bed, I was rubbing his crotch. He was so obviously shy and I didn’t think I would get any piss from him.

I was wrong. He gave me a tummy full of urine. Three times! In between pissings, he got hard, then he pushed me off his cock so he could piss again. That went on about an hour. I was full of piss!

I got him hard at one point and decided I would move up him, sucking his arm pits and tits. It turned out he liked his tits bitten and squeezed hard. I pretended the awkward position was difficult to give him the attention he wanted. So I sat up on his lap to bend over and play with his nipples and cock at the same time. I wanted to keep him hard to see if I could get this guy to stick his dick in me.

I think I took him by surprise, because I did end up taking his cock from behind me and started putting the head inside my hole. He let me continue for about 5 minutes and he did go all the way in down to his balls. He also pumped a little bit.

All of a sudden he said, “I gotta piss again” and pushed me off his raw cock. I heard him in the bathroom sink washing off his cock and then flushed the toilet. I KNOW that there was NO shit on his dick – IMPOSSIBLE! I’m not the type of bottom that leaves anything in my ass before getting fucked.

He came back in the room and stuck his cock my mouth, and started pissing again. I would have taken the piss from him right out of my ass, but I guess he thought he was being polite.

Fuck, he “cuddled” for like 15 minutes after that.
I was wondering how I could get this guy to either;
1. Get his cock back in my ass again, or
2. Get rid of this guy?

I started sucking him hard again hoping I would get a 2nd chance of getting fucked. Even though he was “shy”, out of the blue he said, “You have lube?”

I got up so fast to head to the dresser for the lube that I almost tripped!

10 seconds later I was massaging the lube up down his hard shaft.

Not long after that another surprise, he flipped me over and mounted me with his cock deep in my ass. I was so happy now.

He didn’t last long but after over an hour of feeding me piss and edging him on, he finally let loose his load in my ass!

As soon as breeded me deep, he jumped off and started to run to the bathroom again. I said “Wait, I’ll clean you off with my mouth”. He wouldn’t stop. DAMN! Doesn’t he know a “good bottom” when he finds one. Trust me there NO shit on that dick.

So I lay there on my back while he “cleaning up”, and decided to start fingering myself and purposely waited for him to return so he could watch my finger my hole and lick it clean. He didn’t respond, but he had a smile and then he gave me my first kiss of the evening.

He also said he really wanted to get back at me and do this again! What a surprise! Good night, completely unexpected.

Friday, January 1, 2010

Back with a few short stories...

I have been pretty busy over the holidays and haven’t posted or even ready some of my following posts. I tried to catch up today and I will give a real quick recap of some of the loads I’ve taken.

First, I’ve had a few repeats. 3 of the four guys from October 12 post have come back and reloaded my ass and the follow up stories were just as hot. The youngest guy emails me every week looking for more ass to seed – I think he’s addicted to raw mancunt now. Yeah! I’ve converted him…

The guy from October 16th has emailed a couple times, (remember the guy with the condom?) but each time around 2-3 in the morning and of course I don’t get the email till the next day, so we haven’t reconnected… YET…

I’ve been back to the book store maybe twice since my last post, met maybe two/three hot guys, but each one either fucked me and pulled out before cumming in me or just wanted a blow job.
This guy has loaded up my ass about two dozen times. Each time he fucks me a little bit harder, a little bit deeper and leaving a bigger deposit. I could take this cock and poz load 7 days a week. This photo was from November.

This guy wanted a hole to stick his cock in. He was a November traveler from out of town and wanted a discrete bottom to cum to his hotel, get neked, present a willing hole and pump some seed and have the bottom leave without a word. Of course, I did it for him. Very nice fuck…

In December, this guy wanted to try topping for a guy. He wasn’t too sure about going in raw, so told him he could do what ever he wanted. Of course, a few minutes of teasing his head with my raw ass, he kindly let me slide down on it, blasted a load deep inside. He was still nervous when I exited, but none-the-less, I got what I wanted. And to top it off, I thought the young kid was incredibly HOT so it was worth every minute of awkwardness.

Also in December, this guy faked his age by about 7 years, but when he confessed, I was incredibly turned on because he was an amazing top. He fucked me in every direction possible. Even though he didn’t cum up my ass, he fed his load to me orally after reaming out my ass with all his might – leaving my hole so gapping that I thought I would never tighten back up again.

These two guys are still trying load up my ass and I have them on the short list and expect to have their loads in the next week or two, as soon as scheduling conflicts dissipate.

OK, I know there were more, but I don’t bore my readers with snippets. I will start writing more details on more current escapades. Happy New Years!