Saturday, December 17, 2011

My four loads last night. Going for five tonight!

First guy was from out of town. He was looking for a clean ass to fuck raw because his dick was sensitive from playing with it all day. He ate out my man cunt before opening it up with thick cock. It wasn’t until I was having his baby until I realized this guy was all muscles. (I fingered my ass hole all the way back home smelling his cum load)

Second guy was a young kid, not sure if it was his first time fucking a dude but he did leave a sweet juicy load. I can’t tell you anything about him because he insisted on wearing a hooded sweatshirt. But he was shorter than me and fairly hairless because I could feel his smooth tight ass when I did a reach around to hold his cock inside me when I knew he was coming.

Third guy was just so fucking huge. “get on your back” SLAM, “get on your knees” SLAM “slide over” SLAM “turn over” SLAM. What a greedy ruthless fucker! He made some noise that made it sound like he was cumming, but maybe he was so greedy and rough, maybe his cock sucked the load back in? Anyway, he opened me up for the forth fuck…

The last guy; It was ONE email from him “where are you? I want you blindfolded and ready”. ONE email from me, “here I am and I am ready”. He came. Stuck his cock in my hole. By the time he was balls deep, the cum was running down my leg. I don’t know if he pissed or was one of the largest cummers I’ve ever met, but it was the quickest pump and dump I’ve ever had. Was he black? White? Latino? Cut/Uncut? I’ll probably never know…

What will tonights five loads have in store for me? Seriously looking now!


  1. Hot. Hope you share about the 5 loads tonight.

  2. Hello, all the best (^_^) Please visit me back!